Sound as weapon

a short collection of links regarding the connection of sound and warfare: Steve Goodman, aka Kode9 wrote “Sonic Warfare”. A recent article in The New Yorker Magazine: Some beautiful images of apparatuses used in pre-radar times:  


This work was done for the seminar “Sonification” held by Katharina Vogt at the IEM Graz. In the max-patch you can listen to the employment rates of european countries for the time span 2005-2014. This video gives you a run thru:     Sonify_employmentRates_Strohmann Download the pdf sonification_patch download the max patch

Sonic Interaction Design

This work was done for the Seminar in Sonic Interaction Desing, held by Georgios Marentakis at IEM Graz. Based on the conceptual Idea of the Sound-Installation┬áZeitraum by Gerhard Eckl, we created two max-patches that produce rhythms based runtime differences between the listener and an array of virtual loudspeakers. Lets say you have a big room Read More …