Sonic Interaction Design

This work was done for the Seminar in Sonic Interaction Desing, held by Georgios Marentakis at IEM Graz.

Based on the conceptual Idea of the Sound-Installation Zeitraum by Gerhard Eckl, we created two max-patches that produce rhythms based runtime differences between the listener and an array of virtual loudspeakers.

Lets say you have a big room filled with several speakers. If a short sound, a snare drum for example, is played back, the sound of each speaker will reach you at different times. If the room is small, you will hear only short delays. In our model, the size of the room can be defined at will. Lets say you have 4 speakers and place them at a distance of 170 meters between each other. Now if you play a Snare simultaneously on the speakers, the sound will reach you with delays resembling four beats at a tempo of 120 bpm.

The nice thing about this rhythm engine is, that by slightly moving a sound-source in space you can nudge the beats off their grid-location – yielding interesting jolting beats.


download the pdf


download the max patch


download the max patch

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